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I am a cartographer and developer interested in telling the stories of communities through maps and technology.

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My Experience Contributing to Open Source Projects

March 19, 2019

I've been busy this year contributing to open source projects. I wanted to share my experience with this important professional activity.

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How to Create a Featured Image Template for a Jekyll Blog Site

October 1, 2018

This brief tutorial reviews how to create a blog post featured image template file for the Jekyll static site generator platform.

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Are You Thinking About Your Map Users

July 19, 2018

When we are designing maps for print, or building custom geoprocessing tools, are we thinking about the people who will use these? Are we looking at the map under the same conditions users will?

Featured Projects

Cumberland County Recycling & Disposal Map

screenshot of the Residential Recycling & Disposal web mapp application

This web map application was developed using Leaflet.js to assist residents of Cumberland County learn about solid waste disposal and recycling in ther municipality. The map's theme is based upon the BootLeaf project.

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South Middleton Township Official Map

screen shot of the South Middleton Township official map

This update to the existing Official Map included designing a visual hierarchy among thematic and reference layers, and developing a balanced system of labels for features.

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Cumberland County Weeekly Data Updates

sketch diagram of the weekly data update script for Cumberland County

Various python scripts have been developed using the Esri ArcPy library to automate weekly data update processes using Windows Scheduled Tasks.

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