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I am a cartographer and developer interested in telling the stories of communities through maps and technology.

Featured Articles

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How to Add A Legend to the Esri Story Map Tour App

July 23, 2020

Using the Esri ArcGIS Javascript API, you can customize the Classic Story Map applications. In this article, I'll walk you through adding a legend to the Map Tour app.

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Converting Parcels to Address Points With a Python Script

August 2, 2017

To get around a software license issue with the Esri Feature to Point tool, I developed a Python script that loops through a polygon feature class, and creates a point feature class using the centroid coordinates.

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Reflections on Building Web Maps With Esri JS API From a Leaflet.js Fanboy

April 2, 2020

I started creating web map apps with Leaflet.js. Last year, I finally learned the ArcGIS JavaScript API. I wanted to share a few reflections on working with both platforms. I believe both have a place for developers.

Featured Projects

Subdivision Plans Review App

screen shot of a web map app

An interactive web map that allows querying subdivions plans reviewed by the county's Planning Department. Built with Leaflet.js, Esri web services, and Bootstrap.

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SARA Report Tool

sketch diagram of the SARA Report custom geoprocessing tool

The SARA Report Tool is a custom ArcGIS tool developed to assist Cumberland County Public Safety with the reporting for hazardous chemical facilties.

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PaMAGIC Website

screen shot of the website www.pamagic.org

I led a team in redesigning the Pennsylvania Mapping & Geographic Consortium's website using Drupal. I now serve as the website administrator.

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