Maps for the Web

CAEDC Interactive Data Map

screen shot of the Interactive Data Map web map application

The Interactive Data Map was developed for the Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation to promote the County to prospective businesses. It features a custom deployment of the Esri Shortlist Storytelling web map application.

Cumberland County Recycling & Disposal Map

screenshot of the Residential Recycling & Disposal web mapp application

This web map application was developed using Leaflet.js to assist residents of Cumberland County learn about solid waste disposal and recycling in ther municipality. The map's theme is based upon the BootLeaf project.

PAMAGIC Members Map

screen shot of the PaMAGIC members web map application

This interactive web map showcases members of the Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Consortium. It was built using Leaflet.js and the Esri Calcite Maps theme.

Desktop GIS Customization

Cumberland County Weeekly Data Updates

sketch diagram of the weekly data update script for Cumberland County

Various python scripts have been developed using the Esri ArcPy library to automate weekly data update processes using Windows Scheduled Tasks.

SARA Report Tool

sketch diagram of the SARA Report custom geoprocessing tool

The SARA Report Tool is a custom ArcGIS tool developed to assist Cumberland County Public Safety with the reporting for hazardous chemical facilties.

SCTF Regional Updates

sketch diagram of the South Central Task Force regional update scripts

Various python scripts have been developed to help automate the regional GIS data update process for the South Central PA Task Force.

Maps for Print

Camp Swatara Hiking Trails Map

Camp Swatara hiking trails map

Camp Swatara is a family and summer camp located in southeastern Pennsylvania. The focus of this project was redesigning the hiking trails map with more accurate mapping of the trails.

Lancaster County Heritage Byway Map Atlas

Old Conestoga Road Heritage Byway Concept Plan map

This project involved developing a standard layout and design for a series of maps telling the story of Heritage Byways in Lancaster County.

South Middleton Township Official Map

screen shot of the South Middleton Township official map

This update to the existing Official Map included designing a visual hierarchy among thematic and reference layers, and developing a balanced system of labels for features.

Web Development


screen shot of the website

I led a team in redesigning the Pennsylvania Mapping & Geographic Consortium's website using Drupal.